Some Signs that Your Oil Needs Changing

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Auto Repair Shop

While it’s easy to see that your tire needs to be aired up or that the gas light is on in your car, many people completely forget that they have to have oil changes in Moline, IL area if they want their car to continue to run correctly or not stop running at all. If you aren’t sure how to tell that your oil needs changing, then you should read on below for some of the top signs.

The Oil Looks Gritty or Black

The original color of your oil should be a honey brown color, so you are going to have to train your eye to spot when it starts to look gritty or black in color. If there are particles mixed in with the black oil, then it’s time to change it for sure. If you ignore the blackness, the gunk will soon start to clog up your engine and you will have many more problems than just simple oil changes in Moline, IL.

The Engine Runs Louder Than Usual

The oil in your engine lubricates it and makes it run the way it should. Without oil, the engine would blow up and your car would be no more good. If your car starts making loud noises that you can’t explain, it’s probably time to take it in to your local mechanic to be inspected and have the oil changed.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time the Oil was Changed

If you can’t think back to the last time your oil was changed, then it is certainly time to take the car in to be serviced. Your car needs regular oil changes, just like your body needs regular checkups.

These are just a few of the signs that you need to have your oil changed soon. For oil changes and other car related manners, contact the professionals at Bi-State Auto Service Center today.

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