Troubleshooting Your Auto Air Conditioning in Alexandria, VA

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Auto Repair

Your air conditioner is a fairly complex part of your vehicle. It works based on the principles of pressure and temperature in fluids. When a fluid is compressed, it gets warmer because the energy of the molecules is forced into a smaller space. Thus, in your air conditioner, the compressor compresses the air conditioning gas, causing it to heat up. It then travels through the air conditioner system to the expansion chamber, where it expands rapidly. This causes it to shed its heat and quickly cool down. The fan then blows air across this cooled gas into your car, and this is how your car is cooled down. If you have a problem with your auto air conditioning, something is going wrong at one of those stages.

Gas Problems

A problem with your gas is the most common problem with auto air conditioning in Alexandria, VA. The air conditioning system is designed not to leak coolant, but it will over time. If the coolant is low, it will not properly cool down the system. Your air conditioner will blow air, but it won’t be cold. Visit website for more details about troubleshooting your auto air conditioning in Alexandria, VA.

Fan Problems

If the fan is not blowing, you have another common auto air conditioning problem. The fan runs on a belt that can be powered by the engine or the battery. If the fan is not blowing while the engine is off, it could be a battery problem or a belt problem. If the fan is not blowing while the engine is on, it’s probably a fan belt problem. The fan also has a clutch that engages and disengages the fan that could be malfunctioning.

You should visit website if you have air conditioning that’s blowing without cold air or a fan that’s not blowing altogether. They will be able to fix these common problems and get you back to riding in comfort.

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