Women’s Electric Bikes are the Ride of the Future

More women today are seeking the athleticism and ease of electric bicycles than ever before. For the sheer quest of outdoor travel, female riders are finding that nothing beats the utter enjoyment riding a women’s electric bike. Best of all, now women desiring an electric bicycle can easily find style, performance and safety combined in these affordable machines. Riders can choose to pedal as gently or vigorously as they feel they need to accommodate their energy level or cycling environment. Women who are increasingly drawn to electric bikes because they are lightweight to control and yet give them the range of motion they desire. This assures confidence and clarity whether on an urban avenue or rural roadway. Added air suspension tires let the rider travel on back roads, uneven terrain and unusual surfaces with comfort. Safety features of women’s electric bikes also include bright Halogen head lights, and LED tail lights. Highly responsive hydraulic disc brakes will stop immediately with only the press of the rider’s finger. Within its weatherproof and waterproof frame, a Lithium battery provides up to two hours of ride time. Battery warranties of 3 years or 30,000 miles give the rider further ease of mind. Women riders in particular, express relief at the inner peace and safety these features offer them. Handling and balance are important with any bicycle, and women’s electric bikes are no exception. Electric bikes made for women feature a lowercenter of gravity than models designed for their male counterparts. Thus helping to better fit this unique bike to a woman’s body type and give her better control. And for the fashion minded buyer, a range of color choices greet the stylish consumer. What kind of woman is the electric bike made for? Women who ride electric bikes span the spectrum between Olympic level athletes to average bicyclists who enjoy the freedom and excitement of the open road. Riders express their satisfaction and happiness in finding a mode of transportation that combines fun, function and the future. Electric bicycles stand out as winners in the race to grab the female cyclist. If it’s an amazingly smooth ride and the adventurous experience of the road you crave, remember that a women’s electric bike is the ultimate in speed and form for the thrill seeking woman on the go.

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