Covington Subaru Dealership Advice on Choosing a New Auto Shop

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Autos

All car owners know one thing: finding a good and trustworthy auto shop is hard to find. If you love your car, you won’t just trust anybody to do your repairs and maintenance. After all, you don’t want to spend several sleepless nights worrying if you overpaid for a repair or a service that your car really did not need.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the service that you can trust, perhaps it’s time to change shop and look for a new one. Keep these factors in mind when selecting a new auto shop for your beloved ride.

Is the shop highly recommended?

A trusted Subaru dealership in Covington will tell you that the best and easiest way to find a reputable auto shop is to get recommendations from your family and friends. Of course, who else can you ask but those who you already know and trust? If an auto shop comes highly recommended by your family or peers, you might as well try their services, too.

Ask your family or friend about the quality and level of service their recommended auto shop has to offer and how long they’ve had a relationship with that shop. This can help you decide if the auto shop they are recommending is worth the visit.

Are the shop technicians certified?

This is one of the qualifications car owners often overlook when it comes to finding a good auto shop. As soon as you walk in a shop, ask about their technicians’ certifications. Typically, auto shops have this information displayed on their walls.

There are different kinds of certifications – there are vehicle system certifications, manufacturer-specific certifications, and National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications. These certifications are proof that the auto shop technicians have been trained and tested regarding their knowledge on different vehicle systems.

Additionally, these technicians continually undergo training so that their skills are updated in order to provide expert repairs.

Does the auto shop specialize in your car?

It only makes sense to choose an auto shop that caters specifically to your brand of car. An auto shop that specializes in a specific manufacturer–for example, Subaru vehicles such as the ones you might get from your Covington Subaru Dealership–is guaranteed to be more knowledgeable and have all the necessary equipment to fulfill repairs and routine maintenance. This is especially important if your vehicle needs to undergo major repairs or services.

At times, it’s better to bring your car to a dealership rather than take it to an independent auto shop, as they can give you better customer service, provide quality parts, offer clean and organized facilities, and better warranties for all work done.

Still unsure how to choose the right auto shop you can entrust your vehicle to? Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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