Reprogramming a Replacement Electronic or Transponder Car Key

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Autos

It used to be that starting a car was as simple as placing a key in the ignition, turning it and letting the starter jump the car into action. Today, neither cars nor keys are as simple. Because of the rise of cars and consequent theft, higher levels of security are needed, including preprogrammed chip or transponder keys. However, a replacement car key also needs to be programmed to open and start a car.

What Are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys are also known as chip or electronic keys. They use a transponder chip that controls a car’s locks and starter. Electronic keys offer a higher level of security by requiring the car’s onboard computer to provide verification. Although in some cases the key might open a door, without a verifiable transponder chip, it won’t start the car. To activate a car, a transponder chip requires key programming.

Programming Key Fobs

Key programming involves reprogramming a blank chip in a replacement transponder key. While programming services are available at a dealer, they can be expensive. Dealers can also provide replacement keys, but getting a new one can take time.

Dedicated diagnostic interface hardware and software used by professional locksmiths and service shops can provide special functions, including key programming. They can not only ensure a transponder key matches a vehicle’s make and model but also make sure it meets with the manufacturer’s preset specifications.

Vehicle Diagnostic Interfaces

PC-based hardware and software by a vehicle-diagnostics specialist will be able to carry out general diagnostics and procedures, such as clearing trouble codes, reading live values, actuator testing and programming for new keys. Contact Abrites USA.

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