The Unique And Stylish Ford Explorer

by | May 16, 2019 | Auto Repair

Confidence is the 2019 theme of the new Ford Explorer. The reason for this isn’t hard to surmise. The Explorer is a full-size SUV, and it’s not unusual for its owners to be accustomed to a very confident lifestyle. They demand the best of the best, and the Explorer aims to deliver in any release year, but in 2019, things get really good. With brand new trims to choose from, a wide range of technology, and a more chiseled physique, the 2019 Ford Explorer Palatine customers are loving, you will get a glimpse of is more physical and sophisticated than ever before. It oozes confidence.

People interested in the new Explorer will be happy with a brand new feature: third-row PowerFold® seating. It gives you the versatility you need to choose between passenger room or cargo space, and it’s going to be a massively helpful feature when you’re out there having adventures that don’t include third row passengers. The extra cargo space is always welcomed by folks who have very active lifestyles. Trims in 2019 will give you plenty of versatility and flavors to choose from: Base model, XLT, Limited, and Sport editions.

If you want to get the most out of your Explorer, and simply need the whole 9 yards, the Limited is an excellent choice, hands down. The Sport will give you a sportier feel, a whole new transmission and engine lineup and modes to choose from, and it’ll give you a boost in acceleration. This is remarkable given the size of the typical Explorer, which is meant to be every bit as big and bold as it has always been. The bottom line is that the Ford Explorer that Palatine customers see this year is a whole different creature, with more trim choices than ever before and a whole new look.

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